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We introduce our company "Muthu Exports" from INDIA and We are in the business of Selling Natural Palm products like “Palm Molasses/Palm Sugar/Palm jaggery Crystal/Palm Jagger/Coconut sugar”.We are glad to inform you about the good quality and reputation of our products. It will be our pleasure to provide you the products that meet your needs at the best prices.

Palm sugar is a sweetener made from the sap in palm trees. It has a mild caramel flavor that is a popular ingredient in Southeast Asian and African cooking. Palm sugar also has a low hypoglycemic index compared to other sweeteners, which means it’s less likely to cause your blood

sugar to spike and crash. While research is ongoing, some studies suggest that palm sugar is a good alternative sweetener for people with diabetes

“Palm sugar is the best replacement for white sugar, and it is largely unrefined, it contains vitamins and trace minerals. Palm sugar is often sold as coconut sugar, which is often marketed as a “healthier” alternative to cane sugar.

Here are of few benefits of our products:

  • Cancer killer substances

  • Lowering Cholesterol and Treat Heart Disease

  • Cough Medicine

  • Lowering Blood Pressure

  • Heal Sore Throat

  • Stabilize Body Temperature

  • Treat Diabetes

  • Heal Headache


Carefully Crafted

Traditional Foods provides a wide range of products to meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are reliable and exceptional. We’re proud to be one of the best-known names in the industry. Get in touch to see how you can benefit from our products.

Our Vision

We have various range of Palm Products in the brand name “Nutriis Pot”. The company manufacturing Palm Jaggery, Palm Sugar, Palm Candy, Palm Blackstrap Molasses, Palm Candy Masala, Palm Sprout Powder, Palm Amla Candy, Coconut Sugar, and Groundnut Chikki made of Palm Jaggery and few more candies made of Palm Sugar. We also supplying tons of Palm Jaggery, Palm Sugar, and Coconut Sugar across India.

Our brand has a tremendous product range of Foods, Millets, Herbals, and Healthcare. All our products are 100% natural and free from preservatives and chemicals.

We are ready to send samples at a minimal cost that meets your expectations.

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