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Company has engaging rural farmers (Tapper) who were traditionally tapping Palm Neera from Palmyrah Palm Tree by focus on rural development to make sustainable opportunity for rural community surrounding nearby farmers. Once, Palm Neera collected then it shipped to manufacturing/processing unit to make several range of Palm products in the brand name “Nutrii's Pot” and Traditional Products in the brand name “Live With Nature”. Tamilnadu is famous not only for unique culture, but also a long culinary and agricultural traditions. Historically, we have 90 years of experience as a community in Palmyrah Palm tapping and making sweetener process. Therefore, the products produced by us, it’s one of the cleanest and safety in the world. Means absolute commitment to quality.


We have various range of Palm Products in brand name “Nutriis Pot”. Company selling Palm Jaggery, Palm Sugar, Palm Candy, Palm Blackstrap Molasses made of Palm Jaggery and few more candy made of Palm Sugar. We also supplying tons of Palm Jaggery, Palm Sugar and Coconut Sugar across all countries.

“Live With Nature” is a brand which has tremendous product range of Foods, Herbals and Healthcare. All our products are 100% natural and free from preservative and chemicals.

Our Vision

  • To be leading brand in Organic Palm Sugar, Organic Palm Jaggery in India.

  • Palm Sugar/Palm Jaggery is unique product by saving virtual water (The total volume of water refers to all of the water used in the production of a product). Therefore, we keep promoting Palm sweetener to replace sugar cane white sugar.

  • To increase the Palm Tree plantation in fields by replacing Sugar Cane in next couple of decades.  Which leads to saving virtual water and raising ground water level too.

Our  Process 

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