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Palm Molasses – It is a unique innovative natural product . It is an excellent health supplement for Iron and Calcium. It is a concentrated form of Palm Syrup with Low sugar content. It called Blackstrap Molasses. It has sweet taste with a rich flavour. The taste of molasses is not overly sweet so you can use it to complement various foods. Taking Blackstrap Molasses 2 spoon per day after food can fulfill Iron and Calcium needs of the human body.

Palm Black Gold (Blackstrap Molasses)

    • It increases the Iron Levels
    • It has calcium which improves bone strength
    • Regular Consumption can combat with Anemia
    • It has Magnesium which regulates nerves system
    • Molasses cleans up your system such as lungs, intestines, respiratory tract and stomach.
    • 2 A spoon of Molasses is beneficial to heal migraine headache.
    • It helps in weight management as it has a high content of potassium and raw sweetener.
    • It can fulfill the needs of calcium, Iron during pregnancy time